Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club - Test Sessions

The Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club (IVFSC) may hold one or more test sessions yearly. This typically will occur after the New Year. You may register for test sessions via Entryeeze by clicking right Here and following the onscreen instructions. If you have any questions, please email Mary Hackworth at or Traci Rolf at

Our club schedules the following types of USFSA tests:

Moves in the field (Pre-Preliminary through Senior and Adult)

Free Skating (Pre-Preliminary through Senior and Adult)

Dance (All levels and types)


Any IVFSC skater wishing to test must be a member in good standing with the club.

Application to test on an IVFSC test session must be completed in Entryeeze by date listed.

No refunds are issued.

On the day of the test, skaters should:

Make sure that their skates and skating attire are neat and clean. Unless otherwise directed by your coach, for the testing session you should wear your Club dress, tights without holes, black Club jacket and black gloves. Make up should be minimal. Hair should be in a neat ponytail or bun as directed by your Coach. Hair ribbon should match skating attire as directed by your Coach. No bobby pins are allowed.

Arrive at the rink at least one hour prior to the start of the test session.

Check in at the registration table and pay any fees owed.

Ask if testing is running on time, behind or ahead of schedule.

Go to locker room to warm up and prepare.

After testing, wait to receive test sheets from judges. The test sheets will be given to your primary coach, who will review the results with you. The test chair will enter the results into the USFS system, and a copy will be made for you. After results are recorded, you are free to leave.