Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club Membership

Having a membership with the Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club will allow you to become a U.S. Figure Skating member and recieve certain benefits based off of the type of memebership you select. Those that are wanting to apply for membership can do so through our club's Entryeeze page right Here.

Members of the organization have the ability to do the following:

Test at U.S. Figure Skating-sponsored test sessions

Compete at U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned events

Participate in U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events

Represent your club at regional, sectional and national events

Participate in all sanctioned events

Members also receive the following benefits:

Certificates of accomplishment for passing proficiency tests and placing at U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events (athletes)

Subscription to SKATING magazine

Individually numbered membership card

Coverage under U.S. Figure Skating's sports accident insurance policy

Special offers and discounts from U.S. Figure Skating corporate partners

Of course, being a member of U.S. Figure Skating also means you have the opportunity to become a member of the U.S., World or Olympic Figure Skating Team!

Types of memberships that are available through IVFSC:

Introductory -The introductory membership is a full membership available to first-time full members at a discounted rate of $25 (second and subsequent members are $15). This membership is available only through a member club. Introductory membership carries the same privileges as a full membership, including a subscription to SKATING magazine and all testing and competition rights.

Family Member - Home Club for one skater under the age of eighteen (18) years and parent(s) or legal guardian. Parent(s)/guardian(s) have all privileges. Skater(s)have all privileges except voting or holding office. If family has more than one skater under age eighteen (18), may add Additional Family Members.

Adult Skater - Home Club for skater age eighteen (18) and over. Have all club privileges.

Junior Club/Skating Friends - Home Club for at least one skater under age eighteen (18) who has not passed a Pre-preliminary Moves-in-the-Field test or higher and their parent(s) or legal guardian. Skater(s) has all privileges except that of voting or holding office. Parent(s)/guardian(s) have all privileges.

Professional Member - Skating professionals who designate Illinois Valley FSC as their Home Club have all privileges except that only one (1) Professional Member shall be allowed to serve on the board of directors at any time.

Associate Club Member - Members who hold Home Club membership in a U.S. Figure Skating club other than Illinois Valley FSC shall have all privileges except voting and holding office.

Patron Member - Non-skaters age 18 and over. Have all privileges except that of skating.

Collegiate Member - Four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members.

Don't Wait Join Today! To become a new member of the Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club you can apply through our club's Entryeeze page right Here.