Illinois Valley Figure Skating Club - Our Coaching Staff

Susan Liss
SUSAN LISS - $60.00/hr


As a coach, Susan will continue to educate herself, learn from experience, and maintain responsibility for her part in helping skaters reach their goals. Susan is 55 years old, and has been a figure skating coach for 40 years, in which 30 have been with the Springfield Park District. Susan's goals are to contribute to help build a strong skating program in the Springfield community and help her students reach their competitive and testing goals. Susan has had numerous students attain gold medals in freestyle, moves in the field, and figures. Many have also received medals at the Upper Great Lakes Regional Championships and gone on to qualify for and medal at Sectionals, Junior Nationals and National Championships. Susan is a member of the U.S. Figure Skating and PSA. She has successfully completed both Basic Accreditation and Registered Sports Science exams. She plans to continue her education through PSA to remain current in this ever changing sport. Susan has also been a Team USA coach for 6 seasons now and has been selected with her student Barbie Long to represent the U.S. at 4 international events, bringing home a gold and silver. Susan has received a PSA Level V ranking for these accomplishments.
Courtney O'Connor-Bartlett


Courtney has passed her 4th Figures Test. Her past experience includes Freestyle (Novice) and Moves in the Field. Courtney is a member of PSA, U.S. Figure Skating, and the Illinois Valley FSC. She specializes in: Spins, Jumps, and Moves in the Field.
Jenn Fortin
JENN FORTIN - $36.00/hr


Jenn has received Golds in Freestyle and Moves in the Field. Her past experience includes Pairs Skating and Ice Dancing. Jenn is a member of PSA, U.S. Figure Skating, and the Illinois Valley FSC. She specializes in: Jumps, Spins, Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Power Skating (for both hockey and figure skating). She directs and choreographs the Illinois Valley FSC Annual Ice Show.